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A System for All Concrete Surfaces

Pinnacle Concrete Coatings offers the Evolution Chip System, a product applicable to most concrete surfaces. The Evolution Chip System is perfect for garage floors, porches, patios, sidewalks, and driveways. Meanwhile, commercial applications involve restaurants, warehouses, workshops, firehouses, kennels, and more.

We can apply our coatings to stairs and vertical surfaces, as well as installing form cove that blends your walls and floors seamlessly. This process is ideal for restaurants, restrooms, locker rooms, laundry rooms, veterinary clinics, and other spaces where it is vital to prevent dirt and bacteria from collecting in crevices.


How Coatings Are Applied

step 1

1. Concrete Profiling

Our team will use professional equipment, including large and small grinders, to check for and repair any chips on your flooring.

Gavin Roller 3

2. Basecoat Application

We evenly apply our full-coverage, patented basecoat to prepare your floors for coating.

step 3

3. Floor Coating

We then broadcast our Evolution chips, generously applying colored vinyl chips before coating. This approach results in slip-resistant and UV-stable flooring.

4. Topcoat Application

Before we apply the topcoat, we scrape and vacuum your floors to inspect for any coverage issues. If there are no more problems, we will apply a UV-stable, non-yellowing, and easy-to-clean topcoat. This topcoat is 100% antibacterial and antimicrobial, as well as rust-, chemical-, and abrasion-resistant.

We Use Polyurea Coatings

Where epoxy takes at least 3 days to install, polyurea coatings can be installed in a day. It is also 98% more flexible, has twice the adhesion, and four times the strength of epoxy coatings.

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